Boston (A) Salary Report
Monday, 8/7/1945
Player Salaries:
NamePosSalaryThroughYears LeftNotesYears in Majors
T. WilliamsLF$13,120,00019451 years leftFree agent after this season!6 years
B. Young2B$8,700,00019495 years left7 years
B. DelanceyC $6,270,00019473 years left11 years
S. ChapmanLF$4,750,00019473 years left7 years
R. BullockMR$4,750,00019451 years leftFree agent after this season!9 years
M. BreuerSP$4,400,00019451 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $1,700,000), could become Free Agent with 94 more days of service this year.5 years
J. BarnesMR$3,750,00019484 years left8 years
G. SelkirkRF$3,650,00019462 years left8 years
E. SulikCF$3,400,00019451 years leftFree agent after this season!9 years
F. CoimbreCF$3,178,57119451 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $1,450,000), could become Free Agent with 93 more days of service this year.5 years
C. Lavagetto3B$3,000,00019462 years left9 years
T. BakerCL$2,800,00019462 years left8 years
N. Robinson1B$2,250,00019451 years leftFree agent after this season!7 years
J. TobinSP$2,000,00019462 years left4 years
M. FilleyMR$2,000,00019473 years left8 years
B. KalfassSP$1,878,57119451 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $1,140,000)4 years
P. Reiser3B$1,528,57119451 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $2,050,000)4 years
C. LaabsLF$1,170,00019451 years leftFree agent after this season!7 years
D. Siebert1B$1,000,00019462 years left10 years
J. BottariniC $750,00019462 years left7 years
B. Sankey2B$750,00019451 years leftFree agent after this season!8 years
A. HollingsworthSP$475,00019451 years leftFree agent after this season!6 years
B. BevensSP$300,00019451 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
G. MaltzbergerMR$300,00019451 years leftPossible Arbitration, 42 more days of service needed this year.2 years
E. Robinson1B$300,00019451 years leftPossible Arbitration, 75 more days of service needed this year.2 years
T. De la cruzSP$300,00019451 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
A. CarterSP$300,00019451 years leftAutomatic Resign.0 years
S. GromekSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
D. FisherSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. Berardino2BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. GleesonLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
P. SeereyLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. RadtkeSSMinor-League-Contract--1 years
D. WilliamsC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
F. HayesC Minor-League-Contract--2 years
N. Fernandez3BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
F. DantonioC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
B. AdamsCFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. HarrisSPMinor-League-Contract--1 years
M. MarshallRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
E. FernandesC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
B. DonnellyMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
V. CastinoC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
M. DejanLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
L. MccrabbSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
B. Etchison1BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. Zimmerman1BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
S. PageSPMinor-League-Contract--1 years
H. McdonaldMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. Burns3BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. FranklinSSMinor-League-Contract--0 years
C. FanninSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. Outlaw3BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. SandlockSSMinor-League-Contract--0 years
C. TriplettRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
A. MontgomeryC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
L. WilkieSPMinor-League-Contract--2 years
B. MalloyMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
H. GormanRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
H. AlexanderRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. BlaemireC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
C. Corbitt3BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
B. KuczynskiMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
D. AdkinsMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
B. HarrisSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
F. BiscanMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
A. EpperlySPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
E. JonesMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. StoviakRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
A. GilbertCFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. VaughnMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
C. WilbornRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
E. FaganMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
H. SchmulbachMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
F. RossoMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
T. WarrenMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
P. GrayLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
H. SchackerMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. ChetkovichMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
Extensions signed:

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