Milestone Watch
Saturday, 8/26/1944
Batting Milestones
Milestone HitsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
W. Wells39CHC3000 Hits2859 Hits141 Hits
W. English38 2500 Hits2443 Hits57 Hits
B. Campbell34BSN2500 Hits2392 Hits108 Hits
H. Greenberg33NYN2500 Hits2335 Hits165 Hits
H. Trosky31BSN2500 Hits2301 Hits199 Hits
E. Lombardi36PIT2000 Hits1965 Hits35 Hits
B. Herman35 2000 Hits1944 Hits56 Hits
S. Byrd37SLA2000 Hits1918 Hits82 Hits
R. Rolfe35BSN2000 Hits1879 Hits121 Hits
D. Camilli37CLE2000 Hits1868 Hits132 Hits
Milestone HomerunsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
H. Greenberg33NYN800 HR791 HR9 HR
R. Palm35SLA600 HR579 HR21 HR
D. Camilli37CLE500 HR473 HR27 HR
T. Williams25BOS400 HR385 HR15 HR
S. Byrd37SLA400 HR378 HR22 HR
A. Vaughan32CIN300 HR292 HR8 HR
H. Clift32CLE300 HR272 HR28 HR
Milestone RunsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
H. Trosky31BSN1500 Runs1492 Runs8 Runs
B. Campbell34BSN1500 Runs1467 Runs33 Runs
W. English38 1500 Runs1412 Runs88 Runs
Z. Bonura35WAS1000 Runs993 Runs7 Runs
J. Dimaggio29PHA1000 Runs988 Runs12 Runs
R. Rolfe35BSN1000 Runs986 Runs14 Runs
L. Salazar36NYN1000 Runs986 Runs14 Runs
B. Delancey32BOS1000 Runs983 Runs17 Runs
J. Heath29DET1000 Runs978 Runs22 Runs
F. Demaree34DET1000 Runs977 Runs23 Runs
Milestone RBIAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
H. Greenberg33NYN2000 RBI1982 RBI18 RBI
R. Palm35SLA2000 RBI1918 RBI82 RBI
W. Berger38CLE2000 RBI1911 RBI89 RBI
D. Camilli37CLE1500 RBI1475 RBI25 RBI
B. Campbell34BSN1500 RBI1474 RBI26 RBI
J. Medwick32NYY1500 RBI1404 RBI96 RBI
R. York31CLE1000 RBI992 RBI8 RBI
H. Leiber33BSN1000 RBI977 RBI23 RBI
J. Heath29DET1000 RBI972 RBI28 RBI
W. Brown33BRO1000 RBI971 RBI29 RBI
Milestone Bases-on-BallsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
H. Trosky31BSN1000 BB970 BB30 BB
V. Harris39NYN1000 BB957 BB43 BB
J. Mize31STL1000 BB907 BB93 BB
W. Berger38CLE1000 BB902 BB98 BB
M. Kreevich36WAS500 BB499 BB1 BB
I. Goodman36 500 BB493 BB7 BB
V. Dimaggio31CHC500 BB483 BB17 BB
C. Bolton37 500 BB478 BB22 BB
J. Medwick32NYY500 BB475 BB25 BB
B. Elliott27STL500 BB474 BB26 BB
Milestone Stolen BasesAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
D. Walker33NYN600 SB591 SB9 SB
W. Wells39CHC500 SB476 SB24 SB
T. Mcduffie34PIT500 SB471 SB29 SB
V. Harris39NYN400 SB386 SB14 SB
B. Wright30PIT400 SB385 SB15 SB
B. Herman35 400 SB368 SB32 SB
B. Lindsey35PIT300 SB280 SB20 SB
I. Goodman36 300 SB275 SB25 SB
H. Kimbro32SLA300 SB270 SB30 SB
C. Lavagetto31BOS300 SB261 SB39 SB
Pitching Milestones
Milestone WinsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
J. Williams 39CIN600 Wins596 Wins4 Wins
T. Bridges37DET250 Wins232 Wins18 Wins
D. Leonard35PHI200 Wins188 Wins12 Wins
S. Larkin33PHA150 Wins148 Wins2 Wins
M. Harder34BSN150 Wins145 Wins5 Wins
B. Dietrich34BSN150 Wins144 Wins6 Wins
W. Osborne31PIT150 Wins132 Wins18 Wins
Milestone StrikeoutsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
L. Gomez35NYY4000 K's3939 K's61 K's
T. Bridges37DET2500 K's2325 K's175 K's
B. Feller25CHC2000 K's1944 K's56 K's
S. Jones31CHC2000 K's1939 K's61 K's
D. Leonard35PHI1500 K's1332 K's168 K's
Milestone SavesAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
J. Williams 39CIN200 Saves177 Saves23 Saves
Milestone GamesAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
J. Williams 39CIN1000 Games978 Games22 Games
J. Tennant37NYN600 Games567 Games33 Games
L. Gomez35NYY600 Games564 Games36 Games

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