BOX SCORES San Francisco @ Houston
Game #: 2235,   (GAME LOG)  , Sunday, 10/1/1998
 123456789 RHE
San Francisco000100120 4103
Houston010002002 591
E. Anthony LF4001011.2371136
G. Larkin 1B5021021.2931651
J. Hernandez 3B5111012.2741689
S. Lusader RF4020001.266963
    1-W. Rosenthal PR0000000.00000
    2-P. Valdes RF1010000.267520
L. Mouton CF3000223.294565
J. Girardi C 3110202.247422
M. Franco 2B2110301.2102774
S. Cooper SS2000016.200354
    3-R. Seilheimer PR0000000.313312
    4-L. Alicea SS2000014.22203
E. Dessens P 2000003.09502
    J. Shaw P 0000000.18201
    5-J. Snow PH1110000.170726
    K. Ligtenberg P 0000000.00000
    6-J. Levis PH1011000.214340
    G. Heredia P 0000000.00000
    K. Foulke P 0000000.20001
Substitution Notes
1 - W. Rosenthal pinch ran for S. Lusader in the 7th
2 - P. Valdes substituted for W. Rosenthal in the 7th
3 - R. Seilheimer pinch ran for S. Cooper in the 4th
4 - L. Alicea substituted for R. Seilheimer in the 4th
5 - J. Snow pinch hit for J. Shaw in the 7th
6 - J. Levis pinch hit for K. Ligtenberg in the 8th
Doubles: G. Larkin (47, 5th inning off Fleming, 0 on, 1 out.)
Homeruns: J. Hernandez (16, 4th inning off Fleming, 0 on, 0 out.)
Runs Batted In: E. Anthony (36), G. Larkin (51), J. Hernandez (89), J. Levis (40)
Sacrifice Hits: E. Anthony (3), L. Alicea (1)
Team LOB: 11

G. Larkin (15), M. Franco (16), S. Lusader (16)
Double Plays: 2 (Cooper-Larkin, Alicea-Franco-Larkin)
M. Alou RF4110102.2642590
S. Finley CF4010004.2571460
    M. Holtz P 0000000.25001
    T. Mathews P 0000000.00000
    1-T. Zeile PH0000000.2761042
M. Piazza C 3110201.31633100
R. Ibanez LF5022005.33630103
R. Durham 2B2110203.2882682
T. Glaus 3B4100025.2823795
V. Castilla SS4023002.28731122
D. Mientkiewicz 1B4000002.206229
D. Fleming P 2000021.06902
    C. Carpenter P 0000000.13301
    2-M. Whiten CF1010100.2911244
    3-A. Ramirez PR0100000.31315
Substitution Notes
1 - T. Zeile pinch hit for T. Mathews in the 9th
2 - M. Whiten pinch hit for C. Carpenter in the 7th
3 - A. Ramirez pinch ran for M. Whiten in the 9th
Doubles: R. Ibanez (53, 9th inning off Foulke, 3 on, 1 out.) V. Castilla 2 (39, 2nd inning off Dessens, 1 on, 1 out, 6th inning off Shaw, 2 on, 2 out.)
Runs Batted In: R. Ibanez 2 (103), V. Castilla 3 (122)
Stolen Bases: R. Durham (13)
Sacrifice Hits: T. Zeile (4)
Team LOB: 9

M. Whiten (3)
Double Plays: 1 (Durham-Castilla-Mientkiewicz)
E. Dessens 552234091515.10 
J. Shaw 12110001586.27 
K. Ligtenberg 10002002196.75 
G. Heredia 10000001167.82 
K. Foulke L0.12211001695.471-10
Wild Pitches: K. Ligtenberg
Intentional BB: K. Ligtenberg
Batters Faced: E. Dessens 21, J. Shaw 5, K. Ligtenberg 6, G. Heredia 3, K. Foulke 5
Inherited Runners-Scored: J. Shaw 1-1
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: E. Dessens 6-3, J. Shaw 2-1, K. Ligtenberg 2-2, G. Heredia 3-0, K. Foulke 1-0
Game Score: E. Dessens 50
D. Fleming 6.2722541108604.70 
C. Carpenter H0.1000010434.19 
M. Holtz 0.22210001282.78 
T. Mathews W1.110023030164.455-3
Batters Faced: D. Fleming 31, C. Carpenter 1, M. Holtz 5, T. Mathews 7
Inherited Runners-Scored: C. Carpenter 2-0, T. Mathews 1-0
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: D. Fleming 8-6, C. Carpenter 0-0, M. Holtz 1-0, T. Mathews 0-1
Game Score: D. Fleming 51
Time: 3:53
Attendance: 39566 (45000, 87.9%) at Astrodome
Weather: Partly cloudy (55 degrees), wind blowing right to left at 8 mph
PLAYER OF THE GAME: Vinny Castilla
Game Notes:
Scott Cooper was ejected in the 4th for arguing a strike three call. Gene Larkin sets a new season Team-Record for Doubles with 47!

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