League Injury Report
Saturday, 5/27/1945
American League Injuries
PlayerTeamLevelStatusRecovery TimeDL leftDiagnosis
Pete ReiserBOSActiveDay-to-Day (80%)2-3 weeks0 daysPulled Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Ben SankeyBOSActiveDay-to-Day (90%)6 days0 daysPulled Hamstring Muscle
Vic LombardiNYYAAOUT4 days0 daysSore Back
Johnny LazorNYYAAAOUTone week0 daysHyper Extended Knee
Charlie LetchasNYYAADay-to-Day (85%)7 weeks0 daysStrained Bicep Muscle
Johnny LiponNYYAAADay-to-Day (85%)5 weeks0 daysStrained Bicep Muscle
Joe DimaggioPHAActiveOUT2 weeks0 daysFractured Knee
Lee PfundPHAADay-to-Day (85%)6 days0 daysStrained Bicep Muscle
Otho NitcholasPHAAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Back Muscle
Ken GablesWASAAAOUTfull season0 daysBone Chips Shoulder
Bill BurgoWASAAAOUT1-2 weeks0 daysBruised Cheekbone
Orval GroveCHAActiveOUTone week0 daysSore Elbow
Jim HayesCLEActiveOUT4 days0 daysTight Elbow
Sal MaglieDETAAAOUT3 weeks0 daysTorn Tricep Muscle
Tommy BridgesDETDLOUT4 weeks0 daysHerniated Disc Back
Red AndersonDETDLOUTone week0 daysSore Elbow
Alex CarrasquelDETAAADay-to-Day (85%)1-2 weeks0 daysPulled Bicep Muscle
Robert PalmSLAActiveOUTone week0 daysBroken Jaw
National League Injuries
PlayerTeamLevelStatusRecovery TimeDL leftDiagnosis
Jim BucherBSNActiveOUT3 days0 daysSore Shoulder
Glenn McquillenBSNAAADay-to-Day (90%)1 days0 daysBruised Neck
Dave KosloBSNDLOUT3 days0 daysRuptured Elbow Ligament
Arky VaughanCINDLOUTone week0 daysTorn Groin Muscle
Johnny MarcumCINDLOUTone week0 daysPulled Bicep Muscle
Marius RussoCINDLOUT6 days0 daysStrained Back Muscle
Heinz BeckerCINAAAOUT6 weeks0 daysTorn Thigh Muscle
Hugh MulcahyCINDLOUTfull season0 daysTorn Thigh Muscle
Al GerheauserPHIDLOUTfull season28 daysBone Chips Shoulder
Ducky DetweilerPHIAADay-to-Day (85%)4 days0 daysInflamed Hip Muscle
Nick TremarkPHIAAAOUT5 weeks0 daysPulled Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Jerry PriddyPITAAADay-to-Day (80%)4 weeks0 daysStrained Back Muscle
Butch WensloffPITActiveOUT6 days0 daysInflamed Elbow Ligament
Charlie RipplePITAADay-to-Day (80%)3 days0 daysHyper Extended Elbow
Tom GormanPITAAAOUT5 days0 daysStiff Elbow
Ed WrightPITAAOUT4 weeks0 daysStrained Tricep Muscle
Vern StephensBRODLOUTfull season0 daysTorn Back Muscle
Nick StrincevichBROAAAOUT4 days0 daysStrained Elbow Ligament
Mel QueenCHCAADay-to-Day (90%)3 days0 daysSore Shoulder
Charlie SproullCHCAOUT4 weeks0 daysStrained Back Muscle
Johnny DickshotCHCDLOUTfull season4 daysBroken Foot
Lynn MyersNYNAAAOUT3-4 weeks0 daysTorn Bicep Muscle
Paul EricksonSTLDLOUTfull season52 daysTorn Bicep Muscle
Rube FischerSTLAAOUT5 days0 daysStrained Back Muscle

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