League Injury Report
Saturday, 7/22/1946
American League Injuries
PlayerTeamLevelStatusRecovery TimeDL leftDiagnosis
Hank SchmulbachBOSAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Calf Muscle
Lorenzo DavisNYYActiveOUTone week0 daysPulled Tricep Tendon
Monte KennedyNYYAAADay-to-Day (90%)2 days0 daysStiff Shoulder
Fuzz WhiteNYYAAOUT7 weeks0 daysTorn Calf Muscle
Jack KramerPHAAAAOUT2 weeks0 daysInflamed Bicep Muscle
Jim HickeyPHAActiveOUT5 weeks0 daysStrained Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Early WynnWASActiveOUTfull season0 daysTorn Rotator Cuff Muscle
Randy GumpertWASAADay-to-Day (85%)6 days0 daysTender Elbow
Bill BonnessWASAAAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Ligament Elbow
Les MuellerWASAAAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Ligament Elbow
Doyle LadeWASAAAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Rotator Cuff Muscle
Floyd SpeerWASAAAOUT7-8 weeks0 daysFractured Cheekbone
Don NewcombeCHAAADay-to-Day (85%)one week0 daysSore Elbow
Johnny GorsicaCLEAAAOUT5 days0 daysPulled Bicep Muscle
Kirby HigbeCLEAAAOUTone week0 daysInflamed Bicep Tendon
Ed AlbostaCLEAADay-to-Day (80%)1-2 weeks0 daysSpasms Back
Al VeigelDETActiveDay-to-Day (70%)4 weeks0 daysStrained Rotator Cuff Muscle
Ferrell AndersonDETAAOUT3 weeks0 daysBroken Finger
Robert PalmSLAActiveOUT5 days0 daysStrained Achilles Tendon
Eddie MiksisSLAAAADay-to-Day (70%)5 weeks0 daysInflamed Rotator Cuff Muscle
Lum HarrisSLAActiveOUTone week0 daysStrained Elbow Ligament
Eli HodkeySLAAOUT1-2 weeks0 daysStiff Shoulder
National League Injuries
PlayerTeamLevelStatusRecovery TimeDL leftDiagnosis
Preston GomezBSNADay-to-Day (85%)4 weeks0 daysPulled Bicep Muscle
Hank LeiberBSNActiveDay-to-Day (90%)3 days0 daysStiff Neck
Jess DobernicCINAAAOUT3 weeks0 daysTorn Bicep Muscle
Tal AbernathyPHIDLOUTfull season0 daysBone Chips Shoulder
Armando RochePITAAAOUT5 days0 daysInflamed Elbow Ligament
Ken O'deaPITAAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Posterior Cruciate Ligament
Tom FerrickPITAAAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Bicep Muscle
Steve PeekPITAAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Tricep Muscle
Frank DassoPITAAAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Rotator Cuff Muscle
Bill LohrmanBRODLOUTfull season0 daysTorn Tricep Muscle
Bill NicholsonBROActiveOUTfull season0 daysBroken Wrist
George WashburnBROAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Back Muscle
Emmett O'neillBROActiveOUTfull season0 daysRuptured Disc Back
Ralph BrancaCHCAAADay-to-Day (90%)3 days0 daysStiff Shoulder
Dutch LeonardNYNDLOUT1 days0 daysTorn Bicep Muscle
Ben SankeyNYNAAAOUTfull season0 daysRuptured Achilles Tendon
Red BullockNYNActiveDay-to-Day (80%)6 days0 daysHyper Extended Elbow
Johnny PodgajnyNYNDLOUT3 weeks7 daysBroken Hand
Hugh EastNYNAAOUT2 weeks0 daysRuptured Tricep Tendon
Joe VosmikSTLDLOUT1 days0 daysFractured Cheekbone
Ed WalczakSTLAOUT5-6 weeks0 daysInflamed Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Gene HermanskiSTLDLOUTone week7 daysPulled Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Harry TaylorSTLAOUT4-5 weeks0 daysStrained Tricep Muscle
Clyde KingSTLAAAOUTfull season0 daysTorn Rotator Cuff Muscle

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