League Injury Report
Saturday, 8/26/1944
American League Injuries
PlayerTeamLevelStatusRecovery TimeDL leftDiagnosis
Lefty WilkieBOSActiveDay-to-Day (80%)4 days0 daysInflamed Elbow Ligament
Ed LopatNYYDLOUTfull season0 daysRuptured Disc Back
Steve LarkinPHADLOUTfull season0 daysTorn Rotator Cuff Muscle
John BottariniPHAActiveDay-to-Day (85%)3 weeks0 daysStrained Hamstring Muscle
Tex ShirleyPHAActiveDay-to-Day (80%)one week0 daysPulled Rotator Cuff Muscle
Bill CrouchWASDLOUT2 weeks0 daysRuptured Elbow Ligament
Bill BurichWASAAAOUT5 days0 daysStrained Tricep Muscle
Johnny PeacockWASAAAOUT2 days0 daysFractured Hip
Sam JethroeCHAActiveOUT6 weeks0 daysInflamed Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Tal AbernathyCHADLOUTfull season0 daysTorn Rotator Cuff Muscle
Bill FlemingCHAActiveOUT3 weeks0 daysPulled Rotator Cuff Muscle
Xavier RescignoCHAActiveOUT5-6 weeks0 daysRuptured Bicep Tendon
Max LanierCHADLOUTfull season0 daysTorn Bicep Muscle
Earl JohnsonCLEDLOUTone week0 daysBroken Finger
Kirby HigbeCLEAAAOUT4 weeks0 daysBone Chips Shoulder
John WellsCLEAAAOUTentire career0 daysTorn Ligament Elbow
Odell HaleDETDLOUT1-2 weeks0 daysStrained Bicep Muscle
Frankie ZakDETAAADay-to-Day (82%)4 days0 daysStrained Elbow Ligament
Harry BoylesDETDLOUT2-3 weeks0 daysStrained Tricep Muscle
Henry KimbroSLAActiveDay-to-Day (85%)3 days0 daysInflamed Hip Muscle
Russ ChristopherSLAActiveOUT2 weeks0 daysBone Chips Elbow
Eddie SmithSLAAAAOUT3 weeks0 daysInflamed Bicep Tendon
Fred SanfordSLAAAAOUTone week0 daysStrained Elbow Ligament
National League Injuries
PlayerTeamLevelStatusRecovery TimeDL leftDiagnosis
Ray MuellerBSNDLOUTfull season0 daysBroken Wrist
Tommy TatumCINAAAOUT7 weeks0 daysFractured Knee
Ray PoatCINAAAOUT8 weeks0 daysBone Chips Shoulder
Eddie SilberCINAAOUT5 days0 daysTorn Groin Muscle
Charlie KellerPHIDLOUTfull season0 daysTorn Hamstring Muscle
Jug ThesengaPITAAAOUT6-7 weeks0 daysPulled Bicep Muscle
George FallonPITAAAOUT6 days0 daysDislocated Finger
Kermit WahlBROAAOUT2 weeks0 daysTorn Abdominal Muscle
Mel MazzeraBROAADay-to-Day (93%)2 days0 daysBruised Heel
Taffy WrightBRODLOUTfull season0 daysRuptured Medial Collateral Ligament
Howard EasterlingCHCDLOUTfull season0 daysBroken Knee
Josh GibsonCHCDLOUT4 weeks0 daysTorn Thigh Muscle
Vic HarrisNYNActiveOUTfull season0 daysBroken Knee
Bill BrandtNYNAAAOUTfull season0 daysBroken Wrist
Gene HermanskiSTLActiveDay-to-Day (90%)1 days0 daysBruised Hand

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