BOX SCORES Chicago (N) @ New York (N)
Game #: 518,   (GAME LOG)  , Thursday, 6/15/1948
 123456789 RHE
Chicago (N)000100000 163
New York (N)01040040X 9100
D. Young 2B4000002.13302
J. Wallaesa SS4000001.2941437
T. Williams LF4110011.3251944
J. Davis RF4020000.2911350
J. Gibson C 4011001.292536
D. Ennis 1B4000012.2711039
G. Hodges 3B3000000.2261135
W. Lockman CF3010000.198618
L. Day P 2000010.11604
    J. Page P 0000000.00000
    1-A. Libke PH1010000.50009
    J. Coleman P 0000000.00000
Substitution Notes
1 - A. Libke pinch hit for J. Page in the 8th
Runs Batted In: J. Gibson (36)
Stolen Bases: W. Lockman (2)
Team LOB: 1

D. Young 2 (4), G. Hodges (4)
B. Elliott LF4100120.2411328
Y. Berra C 4120100.2981643
W. Kurowski 3B4222011.3501241
    1-N. Etten PH1000001.33317
    2-J. Davis 3B0000000.33311
W. Judnich CF4212012.3402066
M. Vernon 1B3120110.3421256
M. Irvin RF2100113.2781551
    3-M. Almada RF1011000.27018
E. Miller 2B3124002.2421035
D. Phillips SS4000004.269018
J. Podgajny P 4000030.07701
Substitution Notes
1 - N. Etten pinch hit for W. Kurowski in the 8th
2 - J. Davis substituted for N. Etten in the 9th
3 - M. Almada pinch ran for M. Irvin in the 6th
Doubles: Y. Berra (17, 5th inning off Day, 0 on, 1 out.) W. Kurowski (23, 7th inning off Day, 2 on, 1 out.) M. Vernon (18, 2nd inning off Day, 1 on, 0 out.)
Homeruns: W. Judnich (20, 4th inning off Day, 1 on, 0 out.) E. Miller (10, 4th inning off Day, 1 on, 1 out.)
Runs Batted In: W. Kurowski 2 (41), W. Judnich 2 (66), M. Almada (8), E. Miller 4 (35)
Stolen Bases: B. Elliott (19), Y. Berra (2)
Sacrifice Flies: E. Miller (3)
Team LOB: 3
L. Day L6.1786362127766.166-9
J. Page 0.221111025146.28 
J. Coleman 110002020135.14 
Batters Faced: L. Day 30, J. Page 5, J. Coleman 4
Inherited Runners-Scored: J. Page 1-1
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: L. Day 13-3, J. Page 1-0, J. Coleman 1-0
Game Score: L. Day 34
J. Podgajny W9611030107684.827-6
Batters Faced: J. Podgajny 33
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: J. Podgajny 14-10
Game Score: J. Podgajny 74
Time: 3:23
Attendance: 35518 (45000, 78.9%) at Polo Grounds IV
Weather: Partly cloudy (73 degrees), wind blowing out to right at 10 mph
PLAYER OF THE GAME: Johnny Podgajny
Game Notes:
Monte Irvin was ejected in the 6th for arguing a strike three call.

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